Our Precious Buddy

Our precious little Buddy
He left us way to soon
But constantly we see him
With love as garden blooms

Our special little Angel
Has won a gentle place
Within our hearts forever
His memory is traced

So filled with heart of beauty
With love and joy he shared
His little time upon the earth
With joy can't be compared

Our days of love are endless
Our thoughts will always stay
So precious this remembrance
It never fades away

Buddy our sweet puppy
Has wondrous place in sky
With all his friends our Buddy
Makes rainbow bright on high

We know that he is happy
Just running in green fields
Surrounded by the flowers
Which in this life he yields.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright July 30, 2002

Midi "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"

Obtained From "Ragtopper's Wizard of Oz Page"


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