In life our true companions
Who give us so much care
Who walk with you in sadness
Their Loyal Hearts are there
To comfort you and guide you
To show the way to give
Each one a special blessing
In every day they live
That look of joyous wonder
When you walk into their space
A world of such elation
The moments that we trace
Standing there beside you
With love that is the best
Knowing your tomorrow
Will constantly be blest
The years that you remember
Those treasures that you save
Are constantly reminders
Of all the love they gave


Such joy is only borrowed
Yet in our hearts we know
Our steps in life were caring
Their footprints here to show


We shall remember Jess-E
And also Penny Lane
For all the years they gave us
Their life was not in vain
For they are friends forever
That live within our place
Of memories that we gather
With love we can't replace
Love in life that carries
Shall take us through the time
When life grants us a blessing
With Loyal Hearts that bind
They walk within God's rainbow
Feel the love you gave
Within the great horizon
Their hearts for you engraved.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright August 12, 2006

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Very special people in life take charge of those loyal hearts who are unable to find

a home and love. For Tom, Vickie and their family, who have fostered thirteen

of these most precious loyal hearts, two of them have

now completed their time on this earth.


 Jess-E had just turned 12 years old on June 15 and the family was

 honored to have her for 9 and a half years.


Penny Lane, five years old was lost in May to a spinal tumor. Then Jess-E was

gone two months later. Penny Lane was their mentor for all the fosters.


Tom and Vickie also have a 10 year old rescued Collie, a boy named

Lukie, and are presently "fostering to adopt" another 2 year old Tri

Collie named Reese.


So this page is dedicated to those unselfish and kind people who give

life and love to those who would otherwise not find it. How very special

we are in life to share with the "Loyal Hearts" the love that they so

unconditionally give without hesitation. How wonderful it is to have

people like Tom and Vickie willing to share their love for their precious

ones in life and give them a purpose on this earth.


May you always feel the love that is left behind in the memories

of those precious Loyal Hearts that bonded with you in this world

and who wait at the rainbow gate to join you again after life is over.


For all those in life who help in this way all I can say is that

you deserve the utmost respect and love. For it is in the caring of those

who are unable to care for themselves that we find the most gratification

in life. We know that love is unconditional and it plays such an

important role in life. Whatever is given is always returned.


May you always be rewarded in a special way.


If you would like to write to Tom and Vickie about their

precious Loyal Hearts you may e mail them on the link below


With deep respect and love

Francine Pucillo




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