Today we lost our precious friend
The heart that we loved so
Her paw prints left within our space
They have a special glow
So grateful for her life on earth
Her love was always there
Her loyalty and beauty
Was way beyond compare
A joyous gift we always felt
Whenever she was near
Her heartfelt greet we always knew
Shall always bring a tear
She loved you with a passion
That filled your heart with peace
She kept you smiling all day long
With joy beyond belief
The heart of love it stays with you
Through memories we share
In times of all life's sadness
Our "Raena" truly there
Today I held her close to me
Her head upon my lap
As gently I did stroke her brow
Those memories came back
We thanked her for the golden days
The laughter and the fun
The joy of all the life we shared
Today it was all done
The days are long and weary
As they move along so slow
Within the depths of sorrow
My loyal heart still flows
We will surely miss her
And carry what was blest
For having Raena in our life
Was "beauty" at it's best
Beyond the days of sadness
Within the Rainbow's sky
The glory of her loving heart
Is captured with each sigh.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright November 20, 2006
Today, November 20, 2006 at 11:35 a.m. we helped
Raena cross over Rainbow Bridge. It was an extremely
difficult time in our life. She was 10 years old and had
a love for everyone that she ever met.
As she laid her head in my lap I rubbed her brow
and spoke to her of all the joy she gave to us and
now it was her time to go to Rainbow Bridge where
she will meet with her sisters that we shared in life.
Raena was born with a special grace and love. She
was gentle and kind and loving. She loved to capture
your attention and she would do that by stealing your
socks or something that you were holding and then take
off and run for you to go after her. She was a Chocolate
Lab who would retrieve but never return a stick or a ball.
You had to run after her to get it. At times when you took
her for a walk, when you returned you would say,
without a doubt, that you were walked by Raena.
She had such spunk and such a wonderful personality
she was hard to resist. Her greeting to anyone, even a
stranger was to put her head between the legs of
that person and force them to bend down and pet her.
They always did. She had that affection thing all sewn up
her whole life. If she wanted a cookie she would give you a
bark and then walk to the pantry door. If she was thirsty
and you gave her water and she didn't think it was cold enough
she would stand by the ice maker and not drink one drop of
water until those little ice cubes were floating in the bowl.
Most of all Raena was a gentle and Loyal Heart who loved
everyone unconditionally. She was the epitome of what
loyalty was. She always knew when you were sad and
made that extra effort to come by your side and console
you whenever you needed it. Smiles were abundant
with Raena around. Sadness shall be present for a long
time to come with the loss of our precious "Raena."
I want to thank my friend Chris who walked this walk with
Raena and I. I want to thank all those who loved Raena
and had the joy of being loved by Raena.
Raena passed today but her legacy of love and beauty
will live on in our hearts forever. I always say that we
believe that our loyal hearts depend on us for everything,
but actually we depend on them for the most important
thing in life and that is "love" and Raena was love.
As you all knew Raena had her own site and was quite
talented in the writing department. If you would like to see
her works just click here and enjoy her life as she so enjoyed it.
Thank you for sharing my life
Thank you for sharing my Raena
And thank you from the bottom of my heart
For all the love and kindness.
Love Francine

Goodbye My Loyal Heart "Raena"


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