For all the years upon this earth

His heart was yours to share

Each moment of his loyalty

The joy of love aware

Memories you gather

Remain with you each day

Those times you will remember

Within your heart will stay

Times you held him in your arms

So cuddly safe and warm

That love you feel will always last

It always shall belong

With all that love he brought to you

The treasures shall be near

In thoughts and words and memories

These things in life adhere

Now he's on that peaceful path

That God made in the sky

For all those worthy loyal hearts

That gave our hearts a sigh

Know that he is here with you

So grateful for the love

You'll feel his presence on this earth

While his days are filled above

Running in the fields of green

In meadows God has made

Buffy now has earned this gift

In Gardens God has paved

So now he bids goodbye to you

His most devoted friends

His life for all testament

Of love that never ends.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright February 26, 2004


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Midi Entitled "Song For Me" By Roger Needham


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