Through all the years we had you

Our hearts were bright with love

For you were special Brandon

You showed the meaning of

Loyal sweet devotion

With joy in life you gave

We were blessed to have you

Each precious moment saved

Memories we gather

Within our hearts they stay

Our precious loyal Brandon

Those years won't fade away

Your goodness and your sweetness

It got us through each day

You brought to us the sunshine

That now will come your way

For you were always with us

Through all the thick and thin

You always stood beside us

We felt that love within

There in Rainbow heaven

You found a special light

That always shines upon you

With love that you'll ignite

And on this earth we'll miss you

But in our hearts we know

You gave us greatest meaning

In all the love you showed

Feel the grass of velvet

Within the morning dew

Run in fields of clover

Knowing we love you.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright December 19, 2003

This poem written for my dear friend Odessa

and her husband Wally who enjoyed the love

and caring of Brandon their  precious Golden Lab

for over fourteen years. He was a gentle and loving

dog who truly made a difference in their life and the

life of all their family. God Bless Brandon.

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