In life she held a special key
That always has a part
She was the softness of a rose
The velvet of my heart

One that showed me happiness
For years in life she gave
Each moment I shall treasure
Each memory I'll save

My little precious beauty
Who meant so much on earth
The one in life I sheltered
For me she had such worth

Each day in life I'll miss her
For she still holds the key
Everything about her
Remains the best of me

So many tears I've cried now
Since she was taken home
Upon the path of rainbows
My little one now roams

When years in life are over
When all is said and done
My Bonnie will be waiting
In a new and warming sun

While on earth I'll miss her

She lives on with great pride

For memories that linger

Will gather with life's tide

One day I know I'll see her

And we'll be joined once more

We'll walk across the rainbows

On sweet and distant shores.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright September 22, 2003

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