We treasure the moments

We live them each day

In waves of emotion

That make your heart stay

For you were the sunshine

That filled up our life

The loyalty written

In dawn's early light

You filled up our hours

With glory to share

With smiles and reflections

Your heart always there

The memories linger

As days come to pass

Your presence a treasure

That forever will last

The days are now cloudy

But light then shines through

For smiles are replaced

With tears shed for you

We'll never forget you

For all that you gave

Each treasured remembrance

Are moments we save

So now as the rainbow

Has captured your glow

It's colors have radiance

That fills hearts below

Our gentle sweet Amica

Your love lingers here

Your loyalty written

As days turn to years.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright March 20, 2007


This page dedicated to Amica a loving family member who

left for Rainbow Bridge on November 30, 2007

 and left her heart and loyalty within the hearts of

 Cindie, Donny and Angelina and all those whose

life were touched by the joy of having her on this earth.


If you would like to offer your sympathy you can contact

Cindie and family of Amica below.




God Bless Amica who has earned her space in Rainbow Heaven

With acres and acres of soft rolling fields of grass and trees

to rest under with rows of flowers that fill the air with

delicate beauty to reward all those loyal hearts who have

passed through this life and left their marks forever on our hearts.


Thank you "Amica" A loyal heart with purpose who

has gained her most special reward and a place

in our hearts that shall live on until we meet again.


There is no love greater than the special bond made in

life with our precious "Loyal Hearts."


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