May 23, 1993 ~ March 30, 2002


Greatest piece of sunshine
Left our hearts that day
When Maxie went to heaven
Rainbows showed the way

Heart was born so Loyal
With so much love to share
Steadfast and devoted
He made friends everywhere

Always there to greet you
In very special way
Love he gave unending
In tribute now we say

Thank you for your friendship
Our Loyal Brave heart true
You gave our life great meaning
How blessed we were with you

Never will forget you
Hard to let you go
Memories will linger
Because we loved you so

Life we shared together
Upon this earth is done
Now in Rainbow Heaven
Your days are special ones

Fields of gold to run in
Meeting friends you knew
All of them were waiting
Wagging tails for you

You're in a special Meadow
With colors warm and bright
We love you and we miss you
You gave our world such light.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright May 23, 2002




  Midi "Soul Song" by Bruce DeBoer


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