Bundles Of Happiness


So happy that you got me
I'm just a perfect pet
I'll always give a laugh or two
You'll be so glad that we met

Just keep me clean and happy
Feed me everyday
I'll do the very best I can
In life we'll be okay

Please don't ever hit me
If ever I do wrong
Just raise your voice a little
I'll grow up to belong

I always will be loyal
I'll stay right by your side
I'll be your friend until the end
As many years go by

So glad that we are family
I feel so very proud
My bark now may be little
But I'll stand out in a crowd

With me you won't be lonely
My paws will follow you
Love received is love returned
Heart's Loyal friendship true.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright July 31, 2002


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