Accept this gift I offer you
No greater treasure bought
This soul of mine to permeate
Your every waking thought

Held within my treasure trove
These things my heart will give
A token of my gentleness
For all the years I live

A wooden box with love inside
A parchment where I write
The words of love that fill me up
They now are in his sight

My handkerchief of linen white
That means so much to me
Drenched in perfume I will wear
My scent eternally

Special angel holding star
Like diamond in sky
To let him know I'll always be
The wings of love that fly

A photograph of ocean waves
That gently meets the sand
To let him know he'll always be
The wave that fills my hand

Reflection there within the box
A mirror like a shrine
When he looks to see a face
Forever he'll see mine

This my soul I give to him
My spirit gift of love
Captured in the beauty of
The moon and stars above

As I live and as I breathe
This treasure I've desinged
Is the love that he will see
Our spirits one divined.

 Francine Pucillo





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