~ Endlessly ~

I sleep in beauty and delight
My spirit at my side each night
Forever he is guarding me
Dreams so filled with ecstasy

Each breath I take belongs to him
He lives inside my soul
Guardian of my special love
My sentinel consoles

Sleep in dreams he is there
Wake in life I feel him near
This love I craved for oh so long
My spirit fills me with his song

As I sleep my mind at peace
He fills my heart with such release
A thousand stars within the sky
The moon will glow as he stands by

Shining down upon this love
No barriers in conflict of
This joy within my heart is real
My Darling's love is what I feel

Wake me now and yet I sleep
This love is now beyond belief
Moved my spirit through the night
Touched my soul with his pure light

Sun will rise with special sigh
My spirit joins his flying high
Love for me eternity
His spirit fills me endlessly.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright 2001

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