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Waiting now for his return
My heart is full my soul does yearn
Holding him so close to me
My heart now filled with ecstasy

The snow is gently falling down
Path is filled with diamonds bound
Waiting for the quiet sound
Of gentle movement on the ground

Happiness has been embraced
Chair is warmed by fireplace
Carries me with gentle pace
Softly kissed my heart does race

Holding on with all our might
Spirits filled on snowy night
Warmed by fire and by light
Lost in beauty til twilight

Morning breaks upon his face
Love held softly in embrace
Spirit calms my life with peace
Welcome for my soul's release

Majestically our souls retrace
The royalty of love in grace
Treasury of life so blest
Joyously our love professed.

~ Francine Pucillo ~





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