A Mother's love is endless
It goes with all you give
Your children are your fortress
The reason why you live
Each of them so precious
They always own your heart
The breath of life you gave them
Their beauty is your art
Touch of soft sweet goodness
The memory you save
It goes with you forever
For everything you gave
On Mother's Day remember
What life you give with cheer
It comes back to you daily
Perhaps, sometimes with tears
But love is overflowing
A moment that you share
Within each road you've taken
Your children's hearts are near
And so a new beginning
With sorrow that you bore
For life will have great meaning
With all your love ensured
Little steps that followed
The ones that held you tight
Are always there to greet you
With such a special light
Your children are your mountain
The breeze that's soft and warm
Captured now in essence
To weather all your storms.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright May 9, 2004 



I am so proud of your courage and strength

and the great love that you show to all those you

love. Your great ability to see past the pain

and sorrow so that I am confident we will always
have tomorrow. I will always be extremely proud
that your Mother regarded her children as my children,
and so it is with that in mind that I thank you from
the bottom of my heart ~ that I have always felt the
glow of motherhood, and feel wonderful that I can say that.
Although I never had children ~ I have always felt I have.
I love you Maddie
Aunt Fra






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