Glad the sun is so bright today
And the children are out at play
While I sit here and I ponder
These piles of clothes I'm under

Then I smile to myself and say
Well it's just another day
Then my body it starts to sway
As the washer seems to play

Music in a motion
Fast or slow commotion
As the whites they seem to dazzle
My nerves they seem less frazzled

I take this time for pleasure
The silence I can measure
For time is of the essence
In every color's presence

It's done with such perfection
Never ask for a suggestion
A job I don't take lightly
That's why they turn our brightly

Please just leave all my clothes alone
I'll do the laundry when I get home
Each pile so crisp and clean
It just makes me feel serene.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright May 10, 2004


I wrote this poem for Maddie because of her absolute

desire not to ever have anyone help with her laundry. Not even

her Mom could do her a favor and do her laundry. She is just so

meticulous with the laundry and if I heard "I just don't like anyone

doing my laundry" one thousand times, that would not be enough

times. She seems to love to just organize and wash it "her way" so

in honor of  that deep desire in her life not to share "her dirty clothes"

with anyone, I dedicated a poem to her about it. Love you Maddie.

"Don't worry I'll never do your laundry. I hate doing laundry.

Love Aunt Fra








Midi Entitled "Ka-Poe-o-Ka-Mele"

Obtained by Laura's Midi Heaven by Mickey Gentle

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