Madeline Frances Loveless

December 11, 1960 ~ August 4, 2004

Joys Of Life

Get Well Soon!

Sending Love Your Way

Rainbow of Hope

 Christmas Angel


We Love You



Happy Birthday


Words of Love



Always Touched My Heart


Sense Of Wonder

Another Day In Paradise



A Gentle Place


Bouquet of Love

Maddie's Wings

In Memory of Maddie

Love Enshrined

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In Memory of Lorraine


My Angel Maddie

First Christmas In Heaven


First Anniversary In Heaven

A Letter To My Mom

Second Anniversary In Heaven

An Angel's Wings

Third Anniversary In Heaven



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A  Special Poem for Lorraine & Maddie

 Written by Virginia (Ginny) Ellis






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Midi Entitled "Dream Of Me" By Michael W. Smith

Obtained from Jeshua's Ministry


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