Bonds are never broken
For love will rule the day
We are here to help you
Make everything okay

Our hearts are there for giving
This love for you to share
Each moment of our lifetime
We're holding on with care

Holding you in comfort
Each one of us will stay
Knowing that you have us near
Will help to find the way

For me you are the little one
I held within my arms
Your curly hair so soft to touch
Your love a peaceful calm

Mommy can't be with you
But she is by your side
Her spirit always with you
With love that life provides

Times now shared are journeys
On roads in life that bend
For all your new tomorrow's
Our hearts we all extend

So gather all your courage
And we shall share ours too
Together we can make it
For love will get us through

Surrounded in love's comfort
Your family and your friends
Like joy in new awakenings
Courageous hearts now blend.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright December 6, 2003

~ We Love You Maddie ~




Original Composition Entitled "Celtic-Lullaby"

by Heatherli (Susan) Giffen

Obtained from Laura's Midi Heaven

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