Time in life is passing
Yet love in life renewed
A moment of love's tenderness
Remains because of you
Seasons come with beauty
Like life in new retreats
My heart is filled with moments
That capture every beat
For you were like the Lilacs
That bloom in early spring
The soft and gentle whispers
Of floral scents you bring
The heart of love in earnest
Is always seeking time
To carry on forever
These moments so divine
I hear the love so softly
It's flowing in this space
These times in life we treasure
That cannot be erased
Yes the heart's the answer
The place in which you stay
Telling me you're with me
In each and every day
I hold on for this moment
With joy that I now seek
Touching you with gentleness
My heart and soul now speaks
Rest now in your heaven
With choirs of Angels sing
For you are but the essence
Of love that now takes wing.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright February 25, 2007
This beautiful composition "Krystle's Theme" was
created by Gregory P. Sands, who is the sole owner
to rights of this magnificent piece. I have been given
exclusive rights to use this on Maddie's page.
If you would like to contact Mr. Sands
you can do so at this e mail address.
Greg is my best friend Nora's son who is extremely
talented in the music field and is pretty well know
in his area. One day I know you will hear of him
in a great way. Thank you Greg for allowing me
to use this most beautiful and gentle work
 of your heart and soul. It mirrors my
thoughts of my sweet Maddie.




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