When flowers bloom in spring
When birds are in the air
When music fills your heart
The joy of life is there

When children laugh and play
Where smiles are bright and gay
When hearts are filled with love
You'll always find your way

When friends are there to call
When they give their heart for all
No matter what the reason
Each day it's a new season

When rain falls on your face
With softness you embrace
When skies are blue and clear
When loved ones are all near

These the times we treasure
With love that we can't measure
And so today I'm grateful
That you are ever faithful

With hope of each tomorrow
No matter what the sorrow
For me you are life's wonder
With presence of life's thunder

So keep your spirit going
With love in life and knowing
That you will be the story
Of a battle waged with glory

So feel the joy surround you
With love that will astound you
Feel the peace that's healing
With courage you're revealing.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright February 11, 2004

~ I Love You Maddie ~
So proud of you
Aunt Fra

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