I see your face before me
It always stays the same
Those tiny little features
That captured love's refrain

So loved and happy we all were
From first day you were born
All those curly ringlets
The smile so sweet and warm

Each day I will remember
Those crystal blue sweet eyes
The way they sparkled gently
They always hypnotized

Until this day you have them
They never changed at all
Always bright and beautiful
Since day you were so small

The memories of laughter
The hugs you gave so free
Reddish hair so perfect
You meant so much to me

For you were the little one
That made me feel so loved
Hugging and just holding on
You gave my heart a tug

To this day I can see you
Running all around
Holding out my arms for you
I couldn't put you down

Feel your breath upon my neck
You always held so strong
So much love I feel it still
It's stays a whole life long

So here I am to hold you
To keep you safe from harm
Holding on with all my might
Whispering life's own Psalm

Bless my Little Maddie
Who means so much to me
The little girl with special curls
Who I love endlessly.


~ Love Aunt Fran ~

©Copyright January 27, 2004

~ Francine Pucillo ~





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 "The Happiest Times"

Original by JMC *Jalal's Musical Compositions*

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