In times of sweet remembrance
The heart it shall console
For you were of the essence
With blessings to the soul
Breath of love and sunshine
That filled a cloudy sky
Eyes that sparkled brightly
With smile that brought a sigh
Words of love are written
Across the heart to stay
Maddie you are present
No matter what the day
Courage that you gave us
Happiness you shared
Moments that we treasure
Are found most everywhere
As quietly you left us
I hear your "I Love You"
It echoes like the willow
In breezes that flow through
Resting on our hearts now
You're all that you can be
Our Little Maddie holds on
With love so graciously
Wings in life you gave us
To carry on each day
No burden or regrets now
Your spirit found it's way
Across the great horizon
To reach a golden path
Your family there to greet you
Your Mother's heart at last
Your children saw your beauty
They felt your love each day
Each moment that they treasure
Those hours always stay
So rest in peace and glory
For you have found your home
Within God's precious garden
Your lilac scent will roam 
Yes you have your wings now
You earned them every day
While on this earth created
Their power yours today
So fly my precious Maddie
Feel the gentle breeze
While on this earth you left us
The breath of love with ease.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright August 4, 2004
Madeline Frances Loveless, mother of Donald, 12, and
Kaitlin, 10, beloved wife of Donald left our life on Wednesday
morning at 6:15 a.m. She leaves a legacy of love, caring and
concern for all those who cared for her.
She fought a courageous fight with cancer but in the end
 lost her battle but never her desire to fight
with all her might for her loved ones.
Maddie never made it to rehab after her massive stroke
as she was too ill to be moved. But each day she gave us
happiness and love. She so much wanted to watch her
children grow and worried about them so. Now she has
an opportunity to watch them from a sacred place in
Heaven. She is with her Mom who died a little over a year
ago and I am sure her Mom was waiting for her with all
our family members to greet her.
I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one
of you who gave her hope and love and encouragement.
Each day your thoughts stayed with her in her heart
and I am sure she is now your special Angel watching
over you with the same love and caring that you gave her.
These hours of her life have been difficult for all of her
family and all of her friends. Maddie was special and always
was the first to be there for you in a crisis and last to leave.
She will never leave me, she stays with me from now until
the time that we will see her beautiful smile and feel the
warmth of her love in every day we are left on this earth.
Go my sweet Maddie in the Light of God's Love and know
that you made a difference to many in this life. You
brought happiness when there was pain and reached
 out when it was important to reach out and held on
for those you loved and fought a courageous fight.
My Precious Maddie you own my heart.
~ Love Aunt Fra ~



Maddie's First Christmas In Heaven







Midi Entitled "Baby's Lullaby" By

 David Edwards of Quiet Cove Music


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