As quietly the seasons
Replace the saddest days
My heart will still remember
The years in life you gave
Your smile and gentle whispers
Your children's heart to share
The love of all remembered
Within the heart is there
Searching through the photos
Of precious thoughts we seek
We capture all those moments
That make it hard to speak
We miss you in the moments
When laughter fills the air
When snow is softly falling
When Christmas time is near
When seasons gather moments
Of beauty that we knew
When all that truly matters
Was being next to you
Years of love remembered
Our album filled with gold
With pictures of life's story
The treasures that we hold
We yearn to hear your laughter
To touch your face once more
Yet grateful for the memories
Each day that you restore
Today we gather flowers
We place them on the ground
As trees protect the beauty
Of what our hearts surround.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright July 21, 2006
In Memory of Madeline Frances who passed
through this life on August 4th, 2004. This
marking her second anniversary in heaven.
How much we miss her on this earth.
She will always be our very special Angel.
Love you Maddie

Aunt Fra



Midi Entitled "Leaves On The Seine"

Obtained From Angelic Music Midis


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