The heart of my child she lives in a breeze
A scent of a flower my spirit is eased
I carry her with me wherever I go
Travel to places in time that I know
Times we were happy and felt so carefree
The laughter continues it lasts endlessly
If I could be granted just one special wish
My lips sealed upon her the gentlest kiss
As seasons upon us all come and they go
Each day in a moment my heart has her flow
It beats to the sounds of nature's delights
It's quiet and rhythmic in dark of the nights
A moment's sweet blessing an unspoken prayer
The Heart of "My Maddie" shall always be there
We walk in a path that shall always exist
With comfort and guidance her beauty persists
I know that her journey of life was not far
Those steps that were taken so precious they are
For memories linger through all paths we take
The heart of her beauty in destiny's wake
What's left behind we can nurture with love
Give her the moments that her spirit speaks of
These are the dreams that I share on this day
Her life and its treasures forever shall stay.
"I Love You Maddie"
Love Aunt "Fra"
~Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright July 27, 2005
In Remembrance of Maddie
August 4, 2004 ~ August 4 2005




Midi Entitled "The Prayer"

Obtained by Lil Angel Heaven Midis

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