Angel came from heaven

With Halo that was bright

Landed in a special place

Wings are wrapped so tight

Watching ever closely

With love that she will share

Knowing that she'll always be

The Blessing Maddie wears

She looked down from the heavens

Was pointed right this way

Landed in this special place

Forever she will stay

Said that she'll be with you

On Christmas and each day

Sent by love from Mommy

To help along the way

Christmas time brings blessings

With love to one and all

And this is Maddie's angel

Who tumbled on the fall

Her halo may be crooked

But she's passed every test

So thoroughly delightful

Your Mom has sent the best

So feel her breeze upon you

Feel her wings and prayers

Following your footsteps

Such glory she now shares

Hands are joined together

You'll never be alone

Sent from Mommy's heaven

Your heart is now her home.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright December 9, 2003

 Maddie's Angel Sends Her Love







Midi Entitled "An Austrian Christmas Medley" (seq. by G Nagler)

Obtained From Christmas Year 'Round from Charlie the Carmelite




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