Today you rest among the trees
With nature's songs within a breeze
Where quietly our paths are bound
With love and beauty all around

A special place that's tells the story
Of every echo of God's glory
For here you rest eternally
In quiet peaceful harmony

The birds in flight will sing a song
That brings the calm after the storm
Where flowers bloom with scents divine
With all the love that is enshrined

And this our special place to meet
When any day will bring defeat
You'll hear my footsteps and the sound
Of love that gathers all around

As quietly we make our peace

Emotions tenderly released

Within our spirits love defined

By memories that life designed

Never are you far away
For in my heart ~ the place you stay
I'll carry you and feel your light
That glows for me both day and night.

Francine Pucillo
©Copyright August 9, 2004








Midi Entitled "Dream Of Me" By Michael W. Smith

Obtained from Jeshua's Ministry

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