These times we share are given
For all the life we're living
So we give you special power
To get you through each waking hour

With love and deep affection
To all of love's expressions
That you will find the glory
In everyone's own story

For life as it is written
Upon our hearts be smitten
Words will ease all the sorrow
It's your pain we will borrow

We stand here to surround you
By all the love astound you
Through life and all it's lessons
The joy of each expression

To know that you'll be able
To feel the love so stable
That reaches out to hold you
That constantly enfolds you

Though we walk the path of sorrow
Sun shall brighten all tomorrow's
Yes this life may seem so shattered
Dreams we share they always mattered

Butterflies will always meet you
Birds will fly to sweetly greet you
Mommy's wings are always near
To chase away all life's fears

These times will be remembered
With the love that we've surrendered
With miracles of love descending
Our fight for life is never ending.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright December 7, 2003

It is with great sadness that my sister's eldest
daughter Maddie has been diagnosed with
cancer. She just had surgery and will start
the long process of chemotherapy.
Maddie is married to Don and has two

children. Donnie Jr. who is 11, and Kaity

who is 9 years old. Needless to say they adore

their Mommy and so I know she will fight with

all her might to beat this sad interruption in

her young and very productive life.

It has been such a difficult year for Maddie,
her sister, and all our family, losing my sister.
We ask for prayers and hope that Maddie
will find the promise of each new tomorrow
with the courage that must sustain her.

Once again I ask that you support Lorraine's
daughter like you supported my beloved sister.
You have no idea how much my family was touched
by all your love and beauty. I thank you all
from the bottom of my heart.

~ Love Francine ~






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Midi Entitled "Dream Of Me" By Michael W. Smith

Obtained from Jeshua's Ministry

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