Our hearts are feeling poorly
We know your hurting surely
We want to make you better
So here's a special letter

It comes with love and caring
With love we all are sharing
Hoping that tomorrow
Chases all those sorrows

Here with special greeting
Oh yes, it's worth repeating
Each day we all are praying
God hears us as we're saying

Make our Maddie better
To battle any weather
Strong and bright as ever
To hurt no more ~ no never

We are standing by you
To help you and to guide you
Love comes with new mornings
Each day a bright new dawning

So here's a hug we're sending
We know that you are mending
Love from us now blending
Our hearts are all extending

Hoping that we'll cheer you
Knowing that we're near you
Every hand you're holding
In quiet prayer are folding

We hope that you are smiling
Good wishes are now piling
Birdies are all singing
With all the love we're bringing.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright January 11, 200










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Original Composition Entitled "Bree" by M.C.Shelly

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