In life the time is standing still

Our hearts are there all at your will
We see you and your smile is grand
We reach for you and touch your hand
The road is hard and has great bends
With love that conquers there's no end
Within the shadow of life's tides
Our hopes all dwell with love derived
And so the Angel sends her love
With flower's fragrance from above
Descending on the love we share
Within the heart a reverent prayer
Each day in life that now goes by
In quiet dreams a peaceful sigh
The days of flowers and of song
Love that always lasts so long
You are the flowers in full bloom
With fragrance soft that sweetly looms
Your petals soft and falling down
Each one that falls is now love's crown
We hold you in our thoughts today
With prayers that come in grand array
To ask Our Lord to keep you safe
Through all the sadness you now face
We are here with all our hearts
Sending love that never parts
For you have many miles to go
And we shall be the ones who know
That you have courage way beyond
This journey you've been put upon
And all the words that you will hear
Will give you strength to persevere.
"We Love You Maddie"
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright July 11, 2004



On July 8th, my niece Maddie suffered a stroke and is

presently in the hospital fighting with all her might.

She finished her chemo and radiation but they
found that the cancer had spread to other areas.
She was about to start an experimental treatment.
The day she was to receive the first dose she
had a major stroke at home and was taken
to the hospital that morning. She has been
there ever since struggling to face this
huge burden along with the cancer she has
so courageously fought.
I ask you to please keep Maddie in your prayers,
prayers for her children her husband and all those
that love her and care for her. Your entries in her
guestbook in the past have truly sustained her
through all the grief, I thank you for that.
Her road has now become a little more difficult
and she will have to start therapy before she can
start receiving any treatment again.
Thank you so much for caring and sharing
your heart and your unmistakable compassion and love. 
I know that Maddie would want me to tell you
that "you are all so unbelievably caring and she
has always said ~ "She is so grateful for you all."
Love Francine and Maddie's Family
Don, Donnie, Kaitlin and all those who love her.




Midi Entitled "Inspiration" By Roger Needham



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