~ Love's Bouquet ~

Travel in this world with me
Touched by special love
Words that follow like a breeze
Like whispers from above
Hear my echo in the night
That touches as you sleep
Come with me into this land
Where lovers never weep
Stars and moon collide with grace
When you are next to me
Words I utter tenderly
Compare to rhapsody
Hearts entwined forever rhyme
With love that can't compare
Forever you are next to me
Life's endless love affair
Held within this tender place
Your eyes in beauty shine
Love like this our destiny
Our souls have been aligned
These the words I offer you
Like scented sweet sachet
Each petal of the velvet placed
Is now our love's bouquet.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright 2001

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Midi Entitled "Cool Summer Breeze"


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