Here they sit together
Special thoughts combined
Hearing words repeated
Their story is in rhyme

The years in life are slipping
They wonder where they went
But cherished times together
Are moments that they've spent

With arms wrapped very closely
With hearts held oh so near
Captured are these feelings
That makes it all so clear

For all the years they've traveled
For every road they've turned
This time for them repeating
With love so greatly earned
I s that what he's thinking
Are her thoughts the same
For all their words now gathered
As silent love remains

Yet the times are shattered

For memories they wear

Are drifting into darkness

As each have whispered prayer

I'll be with you always

Through the years we gave

I'll remember everything

That your memory can't save

Time will not be kind to us

And yet it all shall be

An awakening of the spirit

That love's eternally.

Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright June 8, 2004 ~ 2007


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Midi "Whispers Of The Heart" by Bruce DeBoer


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