The Long Good Bye ~ By Francine




In memory of yesterday

Her Rosewood Cottage there

In desperate times of wanting

Her memory to share

She sits among the flowers

With blank and constant stare

She hears a gentle whispering

Someone must be there

Her flowers never wilting

The fragrance she can smell

The colors of the rainbow

Are now there at God's will

Perhaps she does remember

A flash of life gone by

The smile she wears upon her face

That gift for you and I

I remember for her

The glory that she gave

The moments that I treasure

Will live inside always

Yet the sadness beckons

In moments past that gave

The beauty of life's presence

In many special ways

We hold on to that beauty

To find eternal grace

Remembering the beauty

The love upon her face

Keep the glow of healing

No matter what her pause

For she is our reminder

Of life with great applause.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright January 7, 2007

Nourish the heart with the sustenance of life

and the love you had will always be there.

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Midi Entitled "Still " by Jim Brickman

Obtained From Arlene's Heavenly Miscellaneous Midi's

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