The Long Goodbye by Francine


For those who are not with us
Through silence and our pain
With every breath of happiness
There is life's sweet refrain
For memories are shattered
And yet they are a part
Of every single loved one
Who'll always own our heart
Now those tides of memories
Adrift and out to sea
Our hearts and souls are broken
Oh please remember me
I see the eyes that gave me
The love and laughter shared
Reflections of my childhood
Are gathered every where
I need for you to hold me
I know that cannot be
My place for meditation
Reflects the love I see
This your solo journey
With memories I share
Every moment given
The Long Goodbye aware
I look back and remember
The times and love we knew
I smile and whisper gently
How love will get us through
For you may be the shadow
Of all the days you gave
That lives within the heartbeat
Of love that we shall save.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright January 13, 2007

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