Daddy can you hear me

Daddy can you see

I am here to help you Daddy

This love comes naturally

Times in life your lonely

I feel lonely too

I see a face before me

I know it's truly you

Do you hear me speak now

Do you know I care

I touch you with a gentleness

I crave that love we share

You always shall be present

In love that fills my life

I look back on the yesterdays

The love and joy and strife

I will hold you closely

It will be okay

You'll always be my Daddy

That never fades away

Hold my hand now Daddy

It's like when I was small

I felt your love surround me

When you were oh so tall

Yes it's me your baby

I'm here to wipe your tears

To hold you with love's passion

To put away your fears

Smile for me now Daddy

It all will be okay

I am here to love you

I'll carry you today.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright January 8, 2007


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