How soft the blue of heaven

The beauty of the sky

With hope of my tomorrow

As strangers pass me by

I wonder if they know me

Or if I cause them pain

I want to just remember

Each and every name

But time is not my friend now

The pain is all too real

I feel that I am falling

No memories to feel

And yet within this moment

I have a glimpse of hope

For someone touched me softly

I felt that tiny jolt

Please you must remember

All that we have shared

For now I am not with you

But ever present here

Look upon the sky now

See the blue I see

Beauty is God's mystery

A wondrous gift for me.


Francine Pucillo

©Copyright January 7, 2007


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Midi Entitled "Fly, Fly" by Celine Dion

Obtained From Arlene's Heavenly Miscellaneous Midi's


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