The Long Goodbye by Francine


Times in life remembered
They seem to disappear
A note for a reminder
Message isn't clear
I wonder what is happening
Within my mind today
I write with all instructions
But confusion finds it's way
It seems like only yesterday
My mind was fresh and clear
The journey I remembered
It seems to disappear
So now I jot down daily
And read the words I've said
Sometimes I can't remember
The word's not in my head
I slip away in darkness
I sometimes know you're there
But if I can't remember
Please always know I care
A touch you give I know I feel
The hug received is now revealed
I see your face but I don't know
If you're the one I'm letting go.
 ~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright June 23, 2004

For those suffering with

Alzheimer's Disease

and for their caretakers.


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