He gathered all his patriots
He walked them through the storm
He loved with such compassion
His spirit brightly warm
His smile and grace a given
His heart was what we gained
The President of people
His glory shall remain
An icon for Americans
For whom he felt such pride
Held the glow for all of us
Those feelings well applied
To realize our power
To know that we are one
America the beautiful
His motto next to none
The caisson now is rolling
As we now bid good-bye
His rendezvous with destiny
Continues way on high
A simple man of honor
With words he would repeat
There's nothing in our life
That we cannot defeat
Message that he gave us
Was very loud and clear
Americans united
The power he revered
Steadfast and so loyal
His march will still go on
Joined within a nation
Passing his baton
Let us all remember
The words in life he said
America the beautiful
Keep looking straight ahead
Power to the people
With reverence and such pride
We can move a mountain
With freedom on our side.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright June 10, 2004

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For all the years you traveled
The final years you gave
With duty and with honor
Are treasures that you save
And love has greatest meaning
When familiar life is gone
But loving is that special gift
That makes us all go on
Love that's never ending
It carries you each day
The love that you have gathered
Within your heart will stay
Love's fire keeps on burning
No matter what the cost
Your sorrow never ending
By all that you have lost
But we all deeply love you
For courage you displayed
The love we see undaunted
On this his final day
You are of his spirit
You are of his heart
Your journey never over
You never are apart
Though his chair is empty
His spirit you'll retain
For every precious memory
Within the dawn remains.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright June 10, 2004
We offer our deepest condolences to Nancy Reagan
and the family of our beloved President
Ronald Wilson Reagan
"A Man For All Seasons"
May his soul and the souls of the faithful
departed rest in peace. Amen
We thank him for his courage his compassion
and his deep abiding love for his fellow Americans
and his country. He truly was a man of the
people, by the people, and for the people.
God Bless You Mr. President
"Job Well Done"

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