Whose face is here before me

What year in life to share

A woman of distinction

Then suddenly not there

Who is this heart so broken
With faceless mirrored stare
I see myself before me
And yet I am not there
My youth and all it's glory
Has slowly slipped away
A touch of every memory
Is gone with every day
Watch me as I ponder
Who is this I see
Reflections of all beauty
It now is haunting me
Tomorrow will be better
I say this as I stare
Endless I am waiting
Is it me that's there
Life has so much meaning
When love of all abound
I'll feel your hand upon me
But yet I won't be found
Know that I am waiting
to feel the love you share
Handle me with tenderness
My heart is always there
Life moves oh so swiftly
When all is said and done
The darkness is pervasive
My soul and I are "one."
~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright January 12, 2007

For those who have lost their identity

But never their hearts.

In their memory we sustain their every breath.

Support those affected with Alzheimer's

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Midi "Six Hands" Obtained by JMC Midis

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