Life's Heart Songs

Dedicated For The Children


Tashima Billingslea

Murdered ~ July 26, 2002



Cassandra "Casey " Williamson

Murdered ~ July 26, 2002

Samantha Runnion

Murdered ~ July 15, 2002


Miranda & Ashley

Recovered August 25, 2002

Danielle Van Dam

Murdered at 7 Years Old


Holly Jones

Murdered In Her 10th Year

Kendall A. Dianis

Murdered ~ July 1, 2002

Jennifer Renee Short

Remains Discovered


Carlie Brucia

Murdered In Her 11th Year


Jessica Marie Lunsford

Murdered In Her Ninth Year


Jamie Rose Bolin

Murdered In Her 10th Year


Sophia Rodriquez-Urritia-Shu

Murdered In Her 8th Year


Destiny Norton

Murdered In Her 5th Year

Christopher M. Barrios

Murdered In His Sixth Year


Forever Remembered


Luz "Kissy" Maria Gomez

Murdered In Her 16th Year

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Midi "Exile" by Enya

Obtained from "Larry's Place"


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