No freedom of childhood exists in this life

Just pain and awareness of evil's delight

Another sweet victim of life's greatest pain

Her body now  shattered and sadness remains

What is there in  life that preys on the weak

Who tortures a child who is so mild and so meek

We search for the answers but never can find

The reason for hatred of this evil kind

Hearts filled with sorrow minds so confused

Who lurks within shadows with hatred so spewed

A family now tortured with such tragedy

Sweet innocence shattered by evil's decree

We seek all that's given in life for a child

A place of devotion in heart's that reside

As family now gather the treasures reserved

As memories linger in  love so deserved

Yet darkness has entered destroying all light

Pain and the evil we can't seem to fight

Hearts are all broken with tears falling down

We're searching for answers that cannot be found

Dreams in life shattered through terror that reigns

No words in life comfort to those who remain

We reach out to comfort the best that we can

We offer our love with a touch of each hand

We pray for an answer that seems hard to find

We hope for the words that comfort in kind

Sadly this evil that's so unforgiving

Continues destroying a life so worth living

Sofia an Angel that reigns up above

In place that is special with all of God's Love

We shall remember all through the tears

The beauty of love in every child's years.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright June 28, 2006


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In Perth Western Australia, Sofia went shopping with her Uncle and 14 year old brother

after school. They were at a mall similar to the kind we have here in America, Walmart.

Sofia decided to go to the ladies room to freshen up and the men waited outside for her.

Ten minutes went by and they proceeded to knock on the door. The door was locked and there

was no answer. They went to the parking  lot to see if she had slipped out of there without them

noticing it. They did not find her there. They rushed back into the store. As they

got to the door they noticed a man rushing  past them and when they went into the bathroom

they discovered Sofia, she was raped and brutalized, all this took place in such a short time..


Sofia, an affectionate and popular girl in Mater Christi Catholic Primary School was

well behaved and loved by all who knew her. Her parish priest, Father Bryan Rosling said that

they were struggling for an answer of how this can happen to any child. "She

was only eight years old" his reply.


Dante Wyndham Arthurs, 21, of Canning the alleged perpetrator

has been charged with  willful murder.


We offer out deepest condolences to the family of Sofia, I am sure that their

sorrow is beyond what anyone can comprehend. To have your child

ripped out of your life in this fashion has got to test the strength of any

one in life. I can't even imagine the pain that they are going through.


How do we try to protect the innocent children in life. What do we tell them

about the evil that lurks in their presence without making them fearful of

every minute of their life. It's such an abomination that we are faced with

these horrendous crimes that make no sense.


My heart goes out to all those who feel the loss of this beautiful

little girl whose life was cut short in such a violent way. We pray that

the family of Sofia will receive all the emotional help and love that will

get them through this devastation and will keep them in our prayers.


Thank you for your time and please keep the family of Sofia in

your prayers. I know that Sofia is watching over them now but I also

know that they would rather have her here with them.


God Bless you





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