Two children found together
With pain the heart now bleeds
For families are all shattered
When dreams cannot succeed

What evil lurks among us
With shadows that we fear
That hides within the monster
That lives within our sphere

Who wins the heart of beauty
While willingly he'll choose
Befriending with a motive
Such evil he will use

Two children filled with promise
Both gone within a breath
No dreams of their tomorrow
We mourn them in their death

We pray each day for answers
Hope to find a way
To stop this awful carnage
On children of today

We offer heartfelt sorrow
For families that now grieve
We hope that we can offer
The words that somehow ease

Dear Lord Protect Our Children
Please stop this awful pain
We ask this of you Daily
We hope it's not in vain.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

 ©Copyright August 26, 2002



On August 25, 2002 the remains of Miranda Gaddis and
Ashley Pond, both 13 years of age, were both discovered

 at the former residence of Ward Weaver. Weaver, who is currently

 incarcerated for the alleged rape of his son's 19-year-old girlfriend,

 is now being charged for the alleged crimes.

Both Miranda and Ashley attended the same school and lived
at the same apartment complex in Oregon City, Oregon. On
January 9, 2002 Miranda mysteriously disappeared. Then on
March 8, 2002 Ashley also went missing. The search for them was
ongoing until yesterday when their remains were discovered.


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Midi "Only Time" by Enya

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