Hear her gentle whispers

Heartbreak through life's pain

With thoughts of love provided

There's much in life we gain


The light of love forever

Within a sacred place

For she is with us always

Which time will not erase

 The days of love and glory

The smiles that gave us peace

Each day an inspiration

Sweet sentiments increase


So look beyond the rainbow

To colors worn with pride

For she is always with us

An Angel by our side

 What sadness comes upon us

When life is cut too short

But every day's reminder

Of hatred's greatest cost


Pain in life that takes you

To places worn with grief

Yet there are the moments

That give life our beliefs

 Kissy will not leave us

Her spirit now goes on

She captures all the treasures

That we can build upon


Days of joy and laughter

Eyes that sparkled bright

Each thought of life so special

She brings a gentle light

 Time will go by slowly

Perhaps will ease the pain

But love is constant always

In soft and gentle rain

Falling down upon us

Like silken dew that clings

Upon our hearts forever

It's Kissy's love we bring.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright June 23, 2007 




Luz Maria Gomez, 16 years old was killed on June 8, 2007

at her residence in Abilene, Texas. Torrey Rodriquez Torres,

a 17-year-old boy is facing murder charges following the shooting death

Luz Maria, and Torrey were boyfriend and girlfriend. She was shot

inside her home and not the result of a drive-by shooting.


Maria "Kissy" known by all was one of four daughters in the

family. Her mother died 13 years ago and she remained close

to her sisters. Kissy was a freshman at Eagle Academy of

Abilene, a charter school. She attended school every day

and liked going to the Mall of Abiliene. She was just an

ordinary teenager who loved to dance and be with friends.


Torrey Rodriquez Torres, 17 years old was booked into Taylor

Country Jail with bail set at 250,000. There was no indication

that Torres had a criminal record.


Kissy's funeral services were held by the Elliott-Hamil Funeral

Home and her funeral services were followed by burial in the

Cedar Hill Cemetery on Wednesday June 13, 2007.



 "Words of Love"


Luz Maria Gomez "Kissy",

 family, friends, and all who knew her.

Sometimes in life you find that special friend.
Someone who changes your life just by being a
part of it. Someone who makes you laugh
until you cant stop. Someone who has your back,
never let's you down, and refuses to let you
give up. Someone that makes you believe
that there really is good in the world.
"Kissy, you may be gone but you will never be
forgotten, you are all of those and more." You are 
my BEST FRIEND and I will love and miss you
Love, Jordann

Read at Kissy's service by Jordann Henderson

To my friend Kissy
Love always forever & a day, Jordann


Friends may think we have
forgotten when at times they
see us smile.
Little do they know the heartaches
that our smiles hide, all the while
beautiful memories are wonderful
things that last 'til the longest day,
they never get lost and can never
be given away.
To some you may be forgotten,
to others a part of the past, but
to those loved and lost you
your memory will always last.
~ Author Unknown"


"From the Heart"

There's so much I want to say but as I put the pen to paper

 all I can do is think of all he time's I seen "Kissy's"

sparkling eyes and heard her giggle, and laugh.

She should be here, her life had not even began, its just not fair.

 We will never see her graduate, marry, have children, or see all

what she would have become, but one day she will meet us

 at Heaven's Gate. I'm sad, I'm mad, I'm  heartbroken that a girl

 with so much life, so much to give could be taken from us.

The only comfort is knowing that "Kissy" is up in Heaven,

 with her mom right at her side. There are so many

times she helped Jordann, keeping her going, and refusing

to let her get down. I could never thank her enough.

She helped any and every one that needed her.


Kissy you are now an Angel up in Heaven

 with wings made of gold. All who ever

met her, loved her...Many envied her,  she was so full

of life! In all the years and years of knowing her,

 I had never seen her sad, worried and mad at times,

but never one day of sadness! Luz Maria Gomez A.K.A.

Kissy will never be forgotten, she will live forever in our hearts.

I loved  her just like she was my own daughter, she was!

I will cherish having her being a part of our lives.

We now will all pull together and do all that we can
to bring justice to all who ended her life.

 I love you Kissy-




~ Life's Shattered Dreams ~

There are times in life when we look around us and see

the incredible waste of beauty and youth through violence.

Mialinda wrote to me and told me of "Kissy's death. She asked

if I could place a memorial page for her and I was sad that I

had yet another name to be added to my site entitled

~ Life's Shattered Dreams ~

For all those we have lost through violence our heart goes

out to everyone. In this particular case for a girl who had been

through so much pain and suffering by losing her mother and

doing all in her power to become a bright shining star in the

future but that was all taken away from her through the

senseless act of someone who she was supposed to feel

protected and loved by. It is all so senseless to me.


For those of you who lost this precious presence in your life

my heart goes out to you all. I know how difficult it is to

lose those that we love and to lose them in such a violent

way has to be even more difficult. There is no explanation for

the questions that are going on in your hearts and mind. We

surely can't say it was God's plan to have this happen. We

know of "free will" and in that moment when Kissy died our

hearts just died a little with her.


When I first picked this graphic for Kissy I did not realize that

"red" was her favorite color, as I was reading some of the

material on this very day I find that it was. It sort of made me

happy that I picked this color especially for Kissy. In some

strange way I feel that Kissy guided me to this particular color.


I wish all those that loved Kissy to remember her beauty

and love and to keep her alive in your hearts so that her

spirit can live on in all the days that you walk on this earth.


We must pray that this violence will end one day,

when people realize how precious all life is and respect

each other's right to live out a full life in the footsteps that

they chose to follow on this earth.


God Bless you "Kissy" and may all who love you keep

your light forever burning in their hearts.


Love Francine


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