Pictures on the slide show are of Kendall, Corda'e, Jonathan, Kendall's Daddy and Fran's Mother and Kendall's Great

Grandma. Each picture shows the love and care that was

obviously a big part of their lives.

We know that Kendall and Corda'e have wings to fly now

 and that they shall always be remembered for the

 precious times they all shared on this earth.

Our hearts go out to them all.

~ Francine ~

On July 1, of this year, Jonathan Dianis's only child,  Kendall, 2 1/2 years old, was murdered by Alan D. Gates along with Kendall's mother, Corda'e Shimara Lee, 21 and a friend of hers, Valerie Gates, 24 at the home of Valerie and her mother, by Valerie's father Alan D. Gates, 51 years old.

The two girls had returned to the house to find that Valerie's father had broken in. He put them in a back room and shot all three of them. He then started making calls from the home to friends and relatives. The mother of Valerie called the Sheriff's Department and asked that someone accompany her to the house to see if Alan Gates was in the area. His truck was not in view. When they went through the back door they found Alan D. Gates, who had violated a restraining order, was  asleep on the bed with a gun by his side. Valerie's mother proceeded to the back bedroom where she saw her daughter, Valerie, Corda'e and Kendall all shot dead.

I received an e mail from Kendall's paternal Grandma who was so filled with grief that I just felt a need to do something for her. Thus this page for Kendall and his mother was made. I plan to add to this site in the future by adding a page for Corda'e and also for Valerie.  I cannot even imagine the horror of a man killing his own child and then proceeding to kill another adult and an innocent child. I only wish that I had enough time to do more at this time, but for now this is all that I can manage to do.

   I want to thank Beverly of Moon and Back for the beautiful graphic she made for me on such short notice. She is a very dear and warm hearted

friend. I also want to thank my dear friend and web mistress Chris for staying up with me for 24

hours to get this site up and running.

   I would hope that you would please leave a message of condolence for the family, this

condolence book is just for their use. In life

we have to reach out to those who need us

and right now I know that you are all so aware

 that a word of condolence helps in these times.

 You all are wonderful friends and I thank God

 for you all  each and every day.

  If you want to read more extensively on this story of horror you can click on the links to read the story.

   My heart goes out to everyone of these family members who have lost a precious life

through  the pain of domestic abuse.

Story of Actual Events

Gates Appearance in Court

Alan Douglas Gates ~ Face of evil

   We have added some links for help in defeating Domestic Violence but it seems that no matter what we try to do this is a never ending battle that

women and men face each day. Thank you for

your loyalty and your beautiful hearts.

Francine J. Pucillo



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