Angels came to get them
His mother by his side
Two of them forever
Upon the rainbows ride

Hearts are torn and shattered
With sadness as they leave
Child and mother lost now
Upon this earth we grieve

Joy came in the morning
Each day that he awoke
Little words he formed in life
Love is what he spoke

Daddy's boy is gone now
Families filled with pain
Grandma cannot read him
The "Lion King" again

Grief beyond all measure
In moment of such hate
Hearts left here to wonder
How could they now relate

Those who are so innocent
Trapped in pain and woe
Who can they now turn to
As tides of life now flow

Little one so precious
Within his Mother's arms
Held now forever
In Wings of special Psalms

Prayers come from the heavens
Upon the earth below
Blessings fall in rainbows
Each word in life we know

They are always with us
Their wings are flying by
Joined in God's own Glory
Such beauty fills the sky

See the face of loved ones
Within your heart each day
The ones who are in heaven
Within your soul they stay.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright August 23, 2002



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