Upon the path to Heaven
Within the Sky of Light
An Angel there to guide you
With child of love in sight

Within her hand a flower
She handed graciously
Welcomed you with kindness
Her heart for you to see

Leading you with petals
That fell along the way
Showing you the beauty
On path you walked that day

Mom and Dad to greet you
With arms they opened wide
Their little girl now joined them
Forever at their side

You walked within the Garden
Where flowers bloom their best
Where grass is thick like velvet
Where trees each day are blest

Hand in hand you walk now
With love that will surround
Beyond the great Horizon
Where tears are never found

Heaven's Door was opened
Love was waiting there
Angel's wings have gathered
Halo that you wear

Walk peaceful in the Garden
Your new life has begun
Smile you left upon the earth
Is shared with everyone.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright October 13, 2002


The remains of Jennifer Renee Short, 9 years old,
were discovered near a North Carolina creek,
approximately thirty miles south of her home in
Basset, Virginia. She went missing on August 15.
Her mother, Mary Short 36, and her father,
Michael Short, 50 were shot to death in their
home in Henry County Virginia.

It was reported on September of this year, 2003 that

a bridge in Rockingham County, North Carolina,

will be renamed after Jennifer Renee Short. Jennifer's

skeletal remains were found underneath the bridge.

When her death was reported it became a bridge

filled with Teddy Bears and flowers in her honor.


Jim Whitehead, the uncle of Jennifer a resident of

Alaska, was responsible for this eventual memorial

In remembrance of his niece. He is hoping to hold a

Memorial service at the bridge in her honor

on September 25, 2003.



Pictured above, James Whitehead Sr., uncle of Jennifer Renee Short, stands under a newly erected sign on Grogan Road near Madison, N.C., memorializing the place where the slain Henry County girls' remains were discovered one year ago.


The case is still unsolved anyone with information

is asked to contact Henry County Sheriff's Office at


There is a reward for information leading

to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators.



Midi "Vole (Fly)" by Celine Dion

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