Upon the heart of those we love
Are tears in life we weep
A little child of gentleness
Are memories we keep
The shadow of her growing years
Are moments that we share
A tiny hand that reached so far
Now treasured memories there
For once upon a time was born
A bright and gentle soul
Given as a gift from God
The joy that makes us whole
We watch and see how will she do
This little girl who grows
See her in those tender years
Know the love that flows
Love her with a zest untold
A family's heart this child
Smiles and winks and laughter
Are captured and compiled
Such shattered dreams in life for us
With Jamie's smile no more
Upon the earth no laughter rings
The way it did before
What evil lurks within this world
That breaks the heart with woe
A little girl no longer lives
And now the days go slow
But memories that will live on
Are deep within the heart
A child is blessed in heaven's light
Her love is now a part
Of every twinkling star at night
That shines from up above
There is a star that shines on us
With sparkling joy of love
There within the heaven's sky
On clouds of puffy white
An Angel with her hair of red
Looks down with love's delight
Tears are shed and sorrow here
For those we do not know
Our hearts are joined in unison
Like gentle waters flow
Through the years of sadness now
We'll wonder "who'd she be"
But now we know with certainty
She's the Angel next to me.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright April 20, 2006


Jamie Rose Bolin, 10 year old the daughter of Curtis Bolin
of Purcell Oklahoma and Jennifer Fox of Guthrie, Oklahoma
was kidnapped ,raped, and murdered last week.
They held services for Jamie on Thursday the
19th of April at the Purcell High School gymnasium.
Her body was discovered in the apartment of
Kevin Ray Underwood, 26, who lives in the same complex.
She was murdered raped and placed in a plastic container.
Police said they found evidence that Underwood had a dagger, a
hack saw and duct tape in his apartment. They believed
that it was Underwood's plan to rape, torture and kill and
also planned on cannibalizing this beautiful little girl.
Kevin Underwood was charged in McClain County with first-degree
 murder and authorities will be seeking the death penalty.
A not guilty plea was entered on his behalf.
Family and friends gathered to pay respects to Jamie,
she was a bright and energetic little girl who adored
life, her friends, singing and had a beautiful and loving
spirit.  A video was played at the memorial services with
various images of her growing up. This video is all the family
has now to remember the precious life of their beautiful Jamie.
The video send chills through your spine, and now
is a compilation of  a sacred remembrances of the first
 ten years of her life. That is all the family has left of their
 precious little girl who they loved and adored. What a sad
realization that life so sacred can be gone in an instant.
I cannot even imagine the pain and suffering the parents
of this child feel as they walk through the ritual funeral
of a little girl who they brought into this world who never
had a chance to continue her life to adulthood. What a burden
to loose a child in this cruel manner, the thoughts of her
suffering and her eventual death must tear at the very
essence of their hearts and souls.
Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who loved
Jamie. What are supposed to be treasured memories in
life is now a 10 minute video compiled of a little girl who
had a right to live and become an adult and share with
her family her joys and her tender years.
Jamie was laid to rest in Guthrie at a graveside
ceremony in the town where her mother lives.
Another shattered life, another child is lost to the
evil that lurks in this world. We weep for those who
are affected by this terrible loss and we pray that the
memories they have can sustain the family in life.
A difficult task for sure.
May her parents and friends always feel her spirit
that will be with them always. May they know that
the child that they created now wears very special
wings in the heavens and that her love and laughter
will fill their hearts with a special peace of knowing
that she lives on forever in God's light. Her footsteps
on this earth no longer remain and her chair now
empty but for the hearts of those who loved her
she has woven a golden blanket of love that will
cover them for all their time left on this earth.
Farewell sweet Jamie Rose. God Bless you always.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
April 21, 2006

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