Dreams in life now shattered
Her smile of love now gone
Within the midst of beauty
Her legacy goes on

With Angels now beside her
In gardens blessed with love
Holly lives in paradise
With wings from God above

Her garden filled with magic
With stepping stones of peace
Each one her foot now touches
Is turned to golden fleece

Her life on earth now over
By evil that exists
Her family filled with sorrow
I pray they feel her kiss

In life we feel the sorrow

That makes our souls just grieve

How evil has accomplished

Such devastating deeds

Releasing love from heaven
On very gentle wings
That fly within a garden
With message they all bring

Holly's path not ending
She walks in meadows known
Where love is always sacred
With Angels of her own

We carry on without her

But yet within our hearts

We see a gentle sparkle

That never shall depart

Thoughts of love now take us

To places that exists

Beyond the clouds of heaven

With Gardens that are kissed

With breezes from the butterfly

That wing a gentle prayer

On Angel's path forever

Sweet Holly's always there.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright June 26, 2003



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On May 12, 2003, Holly Jones, 10 year old, daughter

 of Maria Jones and George Stonehouse, of Toronto

 was reported missing after walking a friend of hers home

 in her neighborhood. She was found when body parts washed

ashore on Ward's Island and the Lake Ontario waterfront,
on the morning  following her disappearance. Although
huge efforts were made by the Toronto Police and others
to find Holly and to bring her home safely.

Once again, in life, dreams were shattered
by the evil of a man who took her from this world
in a most violent and abusive way.

A funeral Mass was held at St. Vincent de Paul
Roman Catholic Church in Toronto, on May 20

Dignitaries along with hundreds
attended the service for Holly.

The police arrested Michael Briere, 35, who is being
held for allegedly murdering Holly. He is a software
developer who lived close to Holly's residence. He has
been charged with first-degree murder.

It is with great sadness that I add Holly's name
to our little heaven for those killed through the evil
of those depraved individuals who walk among us.

It is with great pride that I make a page for

Holly that expresses her life of love.

 Holly loved Angels and butterflies.

A favorite song of hers was "Theme from Titanic."
I wish to express to her family that my heart
goes out to them, for this terrible devastation

 in life that they must live with forever.

It is my fervent prayer that all of Holly' family
will  gather the strength they will need to go
 forward in life without their precious Holly.
May they always know that from a Heavenly Garden of

Butterflies and Angels she watches  them forever.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

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