Within our life a gift from God
Who had a certain glow
Knowing that her love was there
For all the life we'll know
Her gentle ways and happiness
That shined within our space
Now memories of all we share
Are treasures in our wake
We speak to God and ask Him why
This evil does exist
No answer comes to soothe our heart
The darkness does persist
Our hearts are sad our spirit lost
What is this grief we share
If only for a second glance
We pray that she is near
Among the flowers in a field
With Angels all around
Smiling with a majesty
Her kingdom now allows
For Destiny now lives with us
In every waking day
Showing us the path to take
To make us find our way
The tears we cry all gathered now
In heaven's misty glow
Where all the love in life we need
She sends us all below
Remembering each day she gave
With all her special grace
The world is hers on angel's wings
In God's own special place.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright July 2006



Destiny Norton, a five year old girl  from Utah was taken from her home

and murdered by a 20 year old neighbor Craig Gregerson and on July 24

Gregerson was charged with kidnapping, and murder.


He lured the child into his home when he noticed her playing in

her backyard. Once she entered the house she wanted to leave but

Gregerson  placed his hand over her mouth and suffocated her until

she went limp and died. He then took Destiny's body into the basement and violated

her in the worst way. They found her body concealed in a storage container.


The aggravating circumstances in the murder charge come from the kidnapping

of this child and desecrating her body.


She was missing for days before the police actually located her. Gregerson

admitted to the crime  after talking with detectives.


Once again, a little girl who lost her life to the sick and evil perpetrators in life who

take control in the most vicious way because they surely have power over a child.


Our hearts go out to the family of little Destiny. How sad a realization

that only a few doors away your child is the victim of a sick and vicious

act of evil.


Each day we ask what can we do to save our precious gift's in life, what

can we do to make sure that this will not happen again. Sadly it continues.

Life is taken and evil prevails.


We know that Destiny's name shall live on forever in the hearts of all those

who loved her and will miss her with every breath of their life.


May God watch over them and let them feel the spirit and love of this

precious little girl, who was a treasure of love on this earth.


Thank you



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Midi Entitled  "Rain Forest " by Sujin Wonglakorn, Thailand

Obtained From Moose Midi's

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