We will hear your laughter

We'll see your smile at play

Remembering the moments

With  joy that made our day

Your beauty never leaves us

It keeps us in this place

Where love no longer touches

The softness of your face

The arms of love are reaching

No touch in life to share

Remembering the joyfulness

Of all the love so rare

So empty is this moment

When cradled in our heart

Are memories we'll treasure

Of which you were a part

Each day when we awaken

A part of us will know

That you were all the reason

For life's sweet gentle flow

Your place in life now empty

Your laughter is no more

We wait to hear your footsteps

But now it's nevermore

How very much we loved you

Our hearts so filled with pride

You filled us with great happiness

That never will subside

Each day will have great meaning

With memories we'll share

For you are always with us

With love in every prayer

We'll see you in a moon beam

In stars that shine at night

Each dawn a new beginning

With Christopher's warm light.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright March 21, 2007


The depths of all emotions

The sadness of despair

A joyous heart of innocence

Was taken from us here


This child of gentle beauty

Was taken from this place

His life of  special memories

Forever will be traced


The evil that has entered

It never goes away

With ignorance it's bounty

Our children are it's prey

We seek to know the answers

To see what we can do

To stop that evil being

Who steals the life of you


We gather in the moment

The tears in life appear

Yet we're not understanding

Why the danger's always near


Such evil that is lurking

That lives within our midst

Creating such a trauma

Yet this demon does exist

What power can we gather

To stop this wanton beast

So he can not perpetuate

The bounty of  life's grief


We must find an answer

To make this go away

To slay the beastly dragon

Who steals a child at play


No words in life are written

Nor words that we can say

Will bring us understanding

Of what we lost this day.


Francine Pucillo

©Copyright March 21, 2007



Only six days after Christopher Michael Barrios, Jr.  went missing from

his trailer park, his body was found two miles from his family's home in

Brunswick, Georgia. Christopher, 6 years of age was playing at a recreational park

where he lived and when he did not arrive home at his scheduled time, the police

were notified and a "Levi's Call" similar to an "Amber Alert" by the

 Georgia Bureau of  Investigation went out for him.


He remained missing for six days. During this time a massive search was

taking place by helicopters, mounted patrols and volunteers on foot.

His body was recovered by a game and fish officer

near a small airport just two miles from his home.


Charged with this crime is David and Peggy Edenfield, their son George and a family

friend, Donnie Dale. George,  is a registered sex offender and is being

held on a parole violation when he admitted spending time with Christopher

 after being questioned. All four suspects are in custody because of the belief that

they were all involved in the concealment of the death of Christopher Michael.


Funeral services were held for Christopher on Thursday, March 22.



Once again we see the despair of a family for the life of a little boy whom

they loved and revered. Taken from this world by the stain of life on humanity, those

who would seek out an innocent child to perpetuate the evil that is unconscionable

to all those innocents who they can control.


I believe there is something radically wrong with this system we have, even

alerting families that there are sex offenders in the area, is a small dot on a

piece of paper that goes unnoticed.


I would like to express my sincere and heartfelt sympathy to the family

of little Christopher. I can't even imagine the pain and suffering that

they will know for the rest of their life because in this case the ball was

dropped by the system that allowed this beast freedom. Edenfield was

charged with and given probation after being accused of child

molestation due to the fact that the parents of the child did not

want to have any publicity in the case. His charges where pled

down and he was released and allowed to continue his evil reign

as a child predator and was able to walk away, and unfortunately,

walk into the path of little Christopher Michael Barrios. I think the state

of Georgia and the DA who allowed this should be brought to bear a

great part of responsibility in this decision to release this convicted

child predator and allowing him to walk free.


If you would like to, you can leave a message in the guest book

for the family of Christopher Michael. May his family feel the love

of everyone who genuinely cares that a little boy that they brought

into this world who they loved so dearly is no longer with them.

What a burden in life that is to bear.


May they always feel the presence of their child in their life and

may the memories of his short time on this earth sustain them, although

that will be a difficult task, we pray that their Christopher Michael

is always with them in spirit and love.


With Love ~ Francine

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