Treasures that are given
Each day they are resumed
Wonders of child's beauty
By each one love consumed

Mama's heart now broken
Daddy's girl is gone
Hope that was eternal
Is shattered with each dawn

Love was gathered daily
By smile Cassandra wore
Joyfulness a part of her
With dreams that were in store

Cassandra had been chosen
To mark our special day
September the Eleventh
In very heartfelt way

Balloons to heaven rising
Remembrance she would share
Her little heart was anxious
Such passion she did wear

Her teachers saw her glowing
With practice how to stand
She wanted to be perfect
Releasing gift from hand

Her life on earth now over
Her dreams are left undone
Remembrances will live on
With legacy of one

Precious little angel
Will see the honors rise
Within the sky of heavens
She now will capture prize

For now she will deliver
To all of those we know
Remembrance of their passing
Within her hands will show

Treasures from the little girl
Who lived upon the earth
Bringing joy to all our friends
With golden wings new birth

So here as we are weeping
With sadness so confused
Cassandra brings the treasures
With heart of love enthused

Each day a special blessing
Upon her little heart
The joy of new awakening
As wings of love imparts

Beauty that was given
Will live on endlessly
Treasures that remain now
Cassandra's legacy.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright July 28, 2002

Seven year old Cassandra "Casey" Williamson,
another child senselessly murdered. Another
part of our hearts leave us ravaged by this evil.

Cassandra would have been a first-grader this Fall
and had been chosen to represent a new generation
of children by launching a handful of balloons,
in a ceremony slated in the Memory of the
September the Eleventh tragedy.  She eagerly practiced
for this special upcoming event.

How sad that we have lost such a precious child through
the evil and hate of those in this world who have no regard
for any human life, most of all a precious child.

To her family I offer my deepest sorrow for the loss
of their most treasured possession.
God Bless them and watch over them with gentle love.

~ Francine Pucillo ~





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