In life we have our memories

And yes there's always pain

But love that's soft and gentle
With innocence remains

She walked in beauty unafraid
No fear in life deserved
Someone took that all away
Her memory now preserved

For she is now in heaven
Among the sweet and brave
Who died in life with horror
By evil that we scathe

A little girl with presence
With love she gave with ease
Now resting in a garden
Where flowers fill the breeze

The wave of life has ended
Her footprints are now gone
But life for ever after
Is what we bank upon

So Carlie she is with us
In every waking day
Looking down from heaven
With all the love she gave

And life forever after
On gentle wings will fly
Carlie lost her life today
But we won't say good-bye

All of those who knew her
The beauty shall be there
In every pretty butterfly
In every whispered prayer

And so the heaven's opened
When Carlie walked God's road
Angels there to greet her
With lacy wings bestowed

A little child in heaven
Who lived life on this earth
Who gives us greater meaning
For every child's great worth

And we should see the rainbows
That spread across the sky
Each color is a testament
Of love that passes by

We always will remember
The glory of each life
That's taken with such violence
That fills the heart with strife

And we will see them always
In each and every day
Smiles that have great beauty
Are just a glance away

Love we send forever
Is love we shall receive
For Carlie was our future
That flutters in a breeze.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright January 7, 2004


The nation was shocked as we watched Carlie Brucia

physically being taken from someone who meant her

great harm. After seeing the video tape of Carlie being

walked out of sight, the Sarasota police and people in the area

immediately set off  a chain of events that would

find the killer within a short period of time.  This, however,

did no good as Carlie was found murdered behind a little

Church not far from the carwash area where she was abducted.


It was found that the alleged killer, Joseph P. Smith, a Florida

 resident had a history of criminal activities who in 1997 was

arrested in Manatee county for kidnapping and false

imprisonment  charges, but was acquitted for this one year later.

 He has a history of thirteen arrests for drug and other

 related charges. He is the father of three girls.

Carlie was a well loved eleven year old with a bright future

ahead of her. Her principal said she was a shining light that

has gone out on earth but in heaven she still shines brightly.

Carlie was originally born on Long Island and moved to Flordia

as a child. Her grandparents still live on Long Island.


Our hearts go out to her Mother, and every member of

her family that feels the awful pain of the loss of this most

precious child. There are no words that can soothe their

hearts and souls. We can only pray that this man who is accused

of this horrendous crime is dealt with swiftly and that he is

afforded the same justice that he gave to this little girl in life.


Each time I write about these things in life my heart is broken.

I can't for the life of me understand how the "good" in life

can ever balance the "evil" that exists in it.

  Saraota County Sheriff Bill Balkwill

cried as he spoke of finding Carlie dead and as he sadly

 removed the ribbon he had placed on his uniform during

 their search for Carlie at the news conference, along with

another officer. Their heartbreak was visibly evident.

 I am always in awe of those who are doing their best

 to find a way to deal with these horrors in life. These are

truly the heroes of our life who actually live with this

on a regular basis and must go through such pain in life.


For me Carlie's  innocence lives on and remains

 as a tribute to the heart and soul of a beautiful child.


May God Bless Carlie, we know that she is safely in

His Arms. Please pray for the family and the friends who will

feel her loss in the years to come. Life goes on, sadly but

the tributes of love live on too. God Bless you all.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©February 7, 2004

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