Getting Love From Zach


In Loving Memory of Our Precious
~ Snowball ~
Passed in His Sixteenth Year

No day will come throughout the years
When we won't think of you
The joy you brought within our lives
It always will come through
Our hearts are sad you had to go
We knew it had to be
To keep you here another day
Would stop your being free
To roam the gardens in the sky
With butterflies in flight
Chasing dreams in fields of green
With rainbows oh so bright
Thank you for the special love
You showed within our space
You filled the house with all your love
Each day we will embrace
So rest in peace our little boy
We held for all these years
We think of you and turn our head
And try to hold the tears

Going Shopping

But you deserve so much more
So now your in God's space
Feeling all the wondrous joys
That fills the soul with grace
Thank you for the years of fun
The laughter and the tears
The memories last forevermore
Our hearts forever near
We keep you now within the heart
All nestled in our space
Smiling at the joyous days
We never can replace.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright November 19, 2012

Snowball Napping


In Memory of Snowball

Precious gift to all of us.


Love Mom, Zach and Christopher







~I Will Always Love You~

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